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Tajrish is consistent, delicious and fresh. I feel good after eating their food - never heavy. They prepare the food in a way that's healthier than most places, but also did not sacrifice flavor. Love the Cornish hen, baba ganoush, and the dolmas are the best I've ever had. Fast, friendly, always still hot. A lazy day favorite!


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I put in the wrong phone number and the driver waiting 20 mins at my building before finally leaving. I called the restaurant and they were very nice, despite the bad error on my part, and sent the driver back our. 100% on customer service and the food is always great!


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I've ordered from here many times and the food is always delicious. You can tell they care. Also, the delivery is has been fast and friendly.


1 review
Great food with great price. Fresh and nicely packaged. Will order from Tajrish again. Persian food is the best.


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the best place in town. Nice fast and great flavor to the meat and baklava is awesome.

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4 reviews
so delicious! Get the stews most Americans think of Persian food as kabob and miss these ancient art forms that are so unique, nourishing and good for you. My favorite is ghormeh sabzi tons of roasted herbs and beef and the secret: dehydrated limes cooked for many hours. Or if you are adventurous and like tangy flavors get the fesenjan: pomegranate and walnuts cooked for many hours with chicken


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My food came 10 minutes EARLY and the food was delicious. Will definitely order here again.


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Amazing food and service! Will definitely order again


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Great Will definitely order again.

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